Quantum Physics and the nature of Reality
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We are ALL connected

We are all connected in many ways we don’t even understand yet. Thanks to consistent progress in the fields of quantum mechanics we are getting a better understanding of these things but there are still many unknowns.

At the atomic level there is communication that are trying to completely understand the mechanics of. If the the smallest things that make up all of us can communicate with each other, consider the implications.

Consider Schrodinger’s Cat, the famous thought experiment that serves to illustrate a common paradox in quantum physics.

Consider the wave particle duality  and how every elementary particle shows properties of both particles and waves. The double slit experiment was revolutionary and there have been additional breakthroughs since then that lend themselves towards quantum activism quite a bit. Quantum Activists have progressive views on the nature of reality and consciousness that is very compelling to many.

Although we may still be determining exactly how we are all connected, it is becoming increasingly clear to many that regardless of the details, there is an illusion of separation that one needs to be cognizant of in order to see through!